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myosto is a resource for educational information and support for ostomy patients, their families, and caregivers. Whether you need education or information about supplies to help you navigate your journey, the myosto team is here for you. We are committed to helping you get off to a great start and providing resources and support for your well-being.

Contact Information*

Contact Information*

3525 Del Mar Heights Road #655
San Diego, CA, 92130

* The contact information above is for Legacy Health Strategies, LLC, which is an unaffiliated third party that provides certain services related to myosto on behalf of B. Braun Medical Inc.

DME Ordering Information

Authorized DME Suppliers Online Ordering Phone Ordering
Braces Bandages and Beyond (Tampa Medical Supply) * 1- 888-817-5678
Mark Drug Medical Supply 1-800-479-6275
Mckesson Patient Care Solutions 1-855-404-6727
Pouch Place 1-866-531-1285
PPS Healthcare 1-877-400-1700
Williams Medical Supply 615-327-4931
* Denotes Cash Only    

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